How Is Beard King Doing

Beard Care Market Trend: How Is Beard King Doing?

The beard care market is estimated to reach $3.41 billion by 2027, and there are plenty of opportunities for anyone with a love of beards and a passion for beauty products. Beard King has earned a significant share of the market, as well as a loyal customer base that hasn’t always been easy to measure. In this article, we take a look at how Beard King is faring in the current marketplace, looking at its offerings, the brand’s trajectory, customer opinion and the larger industry trend.

Beard Care and Beard King: What Are They Offering?

Beard King, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, offers a variety of products for men, such as beard and mustache washes, oils, balms, waxes and trimmers. The brand has come a long way from its start in a family home, and now has a presence online and in retail stores around the world. With its current product line up, Beard King offers a variety of personal care treatments for those looking to achieve their best facial hair.

Beard King’s Trajectory

Since its founding, Beard King has rapidly gained traction in the marketplace, with its combination of innovative products and engaging marketing campaigns. The brand also boasts an impressive list of celebrities on its roster, such as actor Idris Elba and NFL quarterback Tom Brady. With these recognizable names onboard, Beard King has quickly become one of the most sought-after brands in the industry.

Customer Opinion & Reviews

Beard King’s popularity is backed up by what customers have to say about the brand on social media and review sites. Generally, customers describe Beard King’s products as being of high quality, with a wide variety to choose from. The brand’s free shipping option has also been appreciated. In addition, the natural ingredients and value for money commanded by the brand keep customers coming back for more.

Overall Market Trend

Beard King is only part of the larger industry trend that is the men’s hygiene and beauty market. According to research, men today are taking an increasing amount of interest in their grooming routine. This is reflected in the rise of unisex beauty salons and products, as well as digital campaigns and influencers who target both genders. As a result, there’s a huge opportunity for brands that focus on male-specific needs.

What’s In It For the Future?

Going forward, those brands that remain at the forefront of trends will reap the highest rewards. With the growing demand for natural and ethical products, combined with the changing customer image of what’s considered stylish, it is essential for brands to keep up with this emerging movement towards sustainable and natural products.

Getting Into Niche Markets

Beard King is well positioned to take advantage of this opportunity, as it has diversified from its original focus on beard and mustache care. In addition to its men’s line, the brand now produces offerings in the women’s beauty sector, such as lip care and waxes. Involvement in the beauty industry has enabled Beard King to access new audiences and open up the potential for even further growth in the future.

Consumer Education & Engagement

In order to stay competitive, Beard King is looking towards consumer education and engagement. Through digital campaigns, the brand is teaching men how to take care of their skin and hair as well as how to use its products. This is helping to set Beard King apart from its competitors and to solidify its name in the industry.

Marketing & Branding

Beard King is no stranger to marketing and branding, as evidenced by its celebrity endorsements and creative campaigns. Its strategy is built around producing compelling content, showcasing real customer stories and offering credible tips and advice. The result is a consistent representation of the brand throughout the marketplace and a heightened sense of loyalty from its customers.

International Branding & Expansion

Besides targeting domestic markets, Beard King is also looking abroad as it continues to expand. With its presence in multiple countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the brand is gradually becoming a global player. The brand’s success has been attributed to its ability to appeal to a demographic beyond the U.S. and its utilization of social media to connect with these international customers.

Adapting to The Times

For many fashion and grooming companies, the pandemic has forced brands to rethink their strategies, as the world entered into a period of uncertainty. Beard King had already begun to take advantage of digital media and e-commerce before the pandemic, which has allowed them to stay afloat in these difficult times. The brand has also taken a proactive approach to the crisis, launching its own online store, which is dedicated to helping bearded individuals take control of their looks.

Sustainability and Taking the Lead

With the rise of sustainable and organic products, Beard King has taken an active role in this movement as well. The brand has set out to implement more eco-friendly processes, from packaging to production. By using recycled and recyclable materials, Beard King is able to meet the growing consumer demand for sustainable products.

Online Shopping & Delivery

Beard King has taken full advantage of the digital space, offering quick delivery times and flexible subscription services. With partners such as Amazon, customers can purchase products with ease and speed, while also benefitting from discounts when they opt for subscriptions. The brand’s expansive online presence has given customers the convenience they seek when shopping.

Opportunities and Challenges

As Beard King pushes forward with its efforts to stay ahead of trends and capitalize on opportunities, there are of course challenges that come with scaling a business in a crowded marketplace. One of the biggest challenges for the brand is in maintaining the quality of its products, and keeping prices competitive at the same time. The brand is well-positioned to respond to this challenge, as its products are high quality, and its customer satisfaction ratings are consistently strong.

Pushing Ahead in 2021

Beard King has been making waves in the industry, and 2021 promises to be even more exciting. With its focus on innovation, staying ahead of trends and delivering products to meet customer needs, Beard King is well positioned to ride the growing wave of interest in the men’s beauty industry. As the brand continues to engage customers and fans across the globe, there’s no telling what the future may hold for the company.

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