How Does Beard Club Work

 Beard Club Membership Benefits

Beard Club offers a number of benefits to its members,  including discounts on products, exclusive access to limited-edition items, and rewards for buying regularly. New members get a complimentary beard brush and comb with their membership. The rewards program allows customers to accumulate points for each purchase and redeem them for discounts and special offers. Subscribers to the monthly subscription boxes get an assortment of grooming products such as beard oil, combs and balms, plus an occasional specialty item.

The website features sections about beard tips, advice on purchasing selections, and interesting articles about beard trends. Customers can also participate in Sweepstakes and member-only contests. With the easy shopping navigation, it is easy to find the right beard products according to the individual’s particular style.

Shopping With Beard Club

Shopping with Beard Club is easy. Customers simply select a monthly subscription plan and choose the products they want. Each month, members receive a box of personalized products. Subscribers to the monthly subscription boxes can choose from a range of products, such as beard oil, beard balm, wax, shampoo and conditioner. They can also add individual items like combs, brushes and trimmers.

The subscription plan can be tailored to the individual needs. The shop allows customers to select their preferred products for a recurring delivery. Customers may also pick and choose from a range of limited-edition items. Customers have complete control of their subscriptions, and can pause or cancel at any time.

Beard Club Prices

Beard Club offers a range of prices. The basic subscription is $2 per month. Subscribing to the full package of items and rewards costs $5 per month. Customers who subscribe for a year save up to 25%, and can cancel or pause the subscription at any time. Select items are also sold a la carte, such as beard oils, balms and brushes.

When shopping online, Beard Club occasionally has a promotion offering a free item with a certain purchase amount, or discounts when buying certain products. The website also offers membership points and rewards for our customers to save money with their purchases. Customers who subscribe and purchase products from the website often receive promotional items in the mail.


Beard Club is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and convenient way to purchase grooming products. With its wide selection of products and rewards program, customers can customize their subscription to their specific needs. New and existing members receive discounts and promotional items in the mail and can enjoy the exclusive limited-edition items. With its competitive prices and selection, Beard Club is an excellent choice for beard care lovers.

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