Don Quixote Beard

Don Quixote Beard – Style and Maintenance

The Don Quixote beard is a classic and iconic look that never goes out of style. Popularized by Hollywood stars, this style can add a mature touch of elegance to any man’s face. Growing and maintaining a Don Quixote beard is not easy and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Every man’s facial hair will grow differently, and it is also necessary to take into account face shape, skin type and personal preference.

Beard expert and stylist Nicole Ferguson of Bearded Beauties in Los Angeles provides an invaluable bit of insight for those looking to rock the Don Quixote beard. She advises a two-step approach, beginning with growing the necessary facial hair. This can take many weeks and can be an arduous process, but it’s important to resist the urge to trim the edges during the growing out period. For optimal contribution, it’s best to start with a beard trimmer and adjust according to the desired style, before using scissors to further refine the look.”

Once the desired length is achieved, the fun begins. A quality beard balm will be necessary to condition and hydrate the facial hair, as well as a high quality mustache wax. Ferguson notes that “this step is essential to ensuring the look remains perfectly styled and pristinely groomed”.

From there, beard maintenance is all about the brush. Many men use a mustache brush specifically designed for that purpose. Such brushes are smaller than those used for regular beards, making them ideal for taming the hairs of a Don Quixote beard and ensuring each strand is just where it should be. Women’s brushes often work just as well, depending on the individual beard.

One popular misconception is that the Don Quixote style is meant only for men with a rounder face. This is simply not true and in fact, different face shapes require subtle differences in styling. For example, a man with an oblong face may need to grow the beard slightly shorter to get the look he desires, while someone with a square face may find they must adjust the width of their beard.

Dan Price, barber at the upscale The Gentlemen Barbershop in London, concurs that the maintenance stage is essential to keeping the iconic Don Quixote beard style looking its best. Price also emphasizes the need for regular trimming, depending on how quickly the facial hair grows. Price recommends a trim every 3-4 weeks in order to keep look sharp and downplays the need for the latest season’s trends and products, noting that a quality brush, balm and wax should suffice for most men.

Styling the Hair on the Head

It is important to consider how the hair on the head works in conjunction with the Don Quixote Beard. Keeping the hairstyle clean and simple is the best way to enhance the overall look, since having both an overly shaped hair style and a full Don Quixote beard can create a look that is too structured and harsh. It is best to let the beard do the talking, rather than incorporating any additional styling effects on the hair.

For those looking for something more fashion forward, the undercut hairstyle is a great choice. The undercut has become more popular in recent years, mostly due to its ease of styling and maintenance. It’s also versatile, since it can be adapted to both short and long hair cuts. The undercut works well with a Don Quixote Beard to give a more modern twist on an otherwise classic style.

For those wanting an instantly edgier look, a short fade can also be employed. It complements the Don Quixote beard nicely, softening the look with a natural, unpolished vibe. A brushup or a side part might be something to try for a more polished style. Either way, an excellent barber can provide invaluable guidance based on the individual form and needs to achieve the desired look.

Beard Color

When it comes to Don Quixote’s beard, Choosing the right color is important. It is important to opt for colors that balance out the overall look and frame the face style in a nice way. Brown colors are usually a safe choice, since they harmoniously blend in with more natural hair colors. For lighter skin tones on the other hand, black could work well.

Another option is to dye the beard, which can help enhance the overall look. Working with a professional, who is experienced in color correcting, will ensure that the dye does not look artificial. They may also be able to suggest color combinations that would work best for the individual.


The Don Quixote beard is a highly customizable facial hair style, which allows men to express their individuality and create a unique, distinguishing look. Growing and maintaining the beard isn’t easy, but with the right styling products and tools, it can be done. To further refine the style, styling the hair on the head is also important. Men who want the complete look should consult a professional barber for additional advice and guidance on the right approach and styling options.

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