Does Trimming Beard Slow Growth

Growing a beard is an art. Years of dedicated man maintenance—shaving, moisturizing and a good trim every now and then—is what has kept beards looking so alluring for centuries. But does trimming your beard actually slow down its growth?

The answer is “yes,” and there are a few ways that trimming your beard can slow the rate of growth. Trimming your beard helps to define the shape and encourages it to grow in the direction you want. The better defined your beard shape, the better it will look and the slower it will grow. It’s also believed that trimming the split and dry hairs in your beard will help keep it healthy and stimulate faster growth. After all, it’s the healthy and moist hairs that lead to faster growth.

Grow Out

That said, if you want to grow out your beard and achieve the maximum amount of length, growing your beard out is key. This means avoiding all trims, or at the very least keeping them to a minimum. You can imagine that just like with the hair on your head, it can take up to a month for the results of a trim to be truly seen. If you’ve been trimming your beard every few days, you’re likely going to find it grows more slowly.

Visit a barber every 4 to 6 weeks for a “style cut,” where the barber blends and trims your beard down to your desired length. This will ensure the trimming is kept to a minimum and the natural shape of your beard is kept intact. Remembering your beard has plenty of texture and texture will always create contrast, so you don’t want to trim too much and lose the contrast.

Over Trimming

To achieve the strongest and fullest beard, over-trimming is an absolute no-no and can lead to even slower growth over time. When trimming, the scissors or clippers should never be used to create a neat and close shave around the edges. If you over trim, you’re likely to lose the volume and texture of the beard altogether and it will potentially grow back slowly and unevenly.

Not every man’s beard is created equally. While trimming your beard might slow down the growth, ultimately it is down to your genetics and hormones to decide how well your beard grows over time. Working on improving your diet, sleeping habits and daily routines can all help your beard grow, look and feel its best.

Healthy Trimming

The key to healthy trimming is keeping the length throughout the beard even and consistent. To avoid cutting too much off, use the lowest guard setting if you have a beard trimmer, start by cutting only a small amount and work in sections. Take your time, don’t rush, and use a reliable pair of scissors to sculpt and cut longer hairs to create your desired shape.

Stimulating Growth

Want to make sure your beard grows out to its maximum length? It’s recommended that you avoid washing your beard every day and use a moisturizing beard oil after each wash. The oil will help nourish and stimulate the hair follicles, keeping your beard looking and feeling great in the process.

A few times a week, use a beard comb to evenly distribute the natural oils throughout your beard and to avoid tugging or damaging the hairs. Also, remember that a well-balanced diet and a good night’s rest will keep you looking and feeling your best, resulting in a stronger and healthier-looking beard.

Growing Tips

To keep your beard growing strong and well maintained, there are several tips and tricks to keep in mind. Start by never using too hot water on your beard. Hot water can leave beard hairs dry and brittle, leading to frayed edges and slower growth. Using conditioner and a cold-water rinse can help keep beard hairs hydrated and looking healthy.

In addition, never use styling products such as wax or gels as these can dry up the facial hairs and clog up the skin’s pores, resulting in slower and weaker growth. As for your facial hair’s natural oils, it’s important to leave them undisturbed in order to ensure healthy growth.


Outlining your cheeks and jawline is a great way to reduce maintenance on the sides of your face while still allowing your beard to grow thick and strong. If you want to keep your beard looking and feeling its best, always use an electric trimmer and low guard settings. Scissors are great for smaller areas and cleanups, but they should never be used to cut large lengths of hair.

Finally, monitor your growth over time to determine if you would benefit from changing the frequency and type of trims you’re getting. Trimming to much can slow down the rate at which your beard grows, while getting the right amount of trimming can result in faster growth.


Many people swear by beard oil, claiming it can help to accelerate growth. While beard oil can help to soften and nourish the hairs, it does not speed the rate of growth, although experts say it can make the beard look fuller and shinier. The most important thing is to choose a beard oil that enhances rather than masks the smell and won’t weigh the hairs down.

Beard oil should be used once or twice a day to help keep the skin and hairs nourished. One twirl and pull of the oil through the beard is all you need and will help keep everything from looking and feeling dry and brittle. Be sure to choose the best ingredients to ensure the oil won’t clog the skin’s pores, which can lead to slower growth.


Facial exfoliating is important for beard growth for two reasons. Firstly, exfoliating helps to remove any dead skin, oils and dirt from the face, all of which can clog the skin pores, leading to poor growth. Secondly, exfoliating helps the beard growth appear healthier and encourages further growth in the problem areas.

It’s recommended to exfoliate no more than two to three times a week. Use an exfoliating massage pad or even an exfoliating facial scrub and gentle scrubbing motions to remove dry skin, oil, and dirt. It’s also essential to use a good cleanser during the growth period to avoid excessive dryness or clogged pores.


It’s also important to make sure you keep your beard well hydrated by drinking a lot of water and water-based beverages. This will help the beard growth appear healthy and fuller, but it is also important to keep the scalp and skin hydrated to ensure the best rate of growth. It’s believed that the better hydrated scalp and skin, the less inflammation and the better the beard growth will be.

Be sure to moisturize the skin underneath your beard and use a moisturizing beard balm or beard oil to help keep everything soft and hydrated. This will help to keep the beard growth looking and feeling its best. Lastly, make sure to keep your beard well trimmed and groomed. Don’t forget, a well-groomed beard is always in style.

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