Does Garlic Grow Beard

Garlic is often thought of as a superfood, used for its incredible culinary, medicinal, and health benefits but does this powerful herb also have the power to make your facial hair grow? That’s the question many are seeking to answer. With the perpetual evolution of trends, from burly mustaches to thick, healthy man manes, it’s no wonder why so many are eager to try a home remedy in order to boost their growth potential. So, does garlic grow beards? Let’s look at the research.

Currently, there is much anecdotal evidence suggesting garlic to be the new frontier in reviving natural, healthy hair growth. But scientific evidence on this topic is more lacking. Generally, garlic is known to promote a healthy and functioning body due to its naturally occurring sulphur content and anti-inflammatory effects, consequently leaving more room for interpretation on whether or not it has an effect on facial hair growth.

According to Vancouver-based Nutritionist Bianch, an avid believer and tester of garlic’s power to stimulate hair growth, garlic is a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals, including selenium and B vitamins which are known for their role in supporting healthy-looking hair.

Not only does garlic help to promote healthier skin and thicker hair, it also has antifungal and antibacterial effects, making it a great natural treatment for skin conditions like eczema and acne. Furthermore, garlic’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects are believed to support a healthy immune system, meaning potential easier access to the nutrients needed for hair to reach it’s full potential.

Though there is much speculation around garlic’s hair growth effects, we cannot fully conclude whether or not garlic has a direct effect on reversing hair loss or growing thicker beards. If you are considering garlic to improve your hair growth, it would be a good idea to also consider including other lifestyle factors like exercise, a well balanced diet and a good hair-care routine.

Factors that influence facial hair growth?

Although scientific evidence does not outright support the use garlic for beard growth, there are many other factors that can influence your facial hair’s potential. Genetics can play an important role in the thickness and length of facial hair. For example, men with androgenic alopecia tend to have trouble stimulating facial hair growth due to their hair follicles and scalp being affected. For these individuals, garlic may not have much of an effect.

Additionally, men with hormonal imbalances may have difficulty growing a full and healthy looking beard. Therefore, speaking to a licensed health professional to help treat any hormonal issues prior to trying any home remedies is recommended. Furthermore, stress, poor sleep, and poor nutrition can have an effect on beards, so managing these factors also is an essential part of promoting growth. Lastly, these too factor in when considering any herbal or traditional remedies.

What does the research say?

Though there are not many studies conducted that directly examine garlic’s effect on beard growth, various scientific studies have found that using garlic for its health benefits is an effective remedy to promote overall body health. For instance, a study conducted in 2018 in the journal, Biochemical Science found garlic to possess remarkable antimicrobial and immunological properties that can help ward against infections and fight against viral and bacterial infections.

In another study conducted in 2019 by The Journal of Nutrition, garlic was found to have anti-inflammatory effects when consumed regularly, noting that the greater the intake of garlic, the fewer inflammatory events occurred. Furthermore, garlic has also been known to decrease cholesterol levels, improve bone density, lower heart disease risk and boost overall body health, meaning it could potentially aid in increasing beard growth.

What should you do if you want to grow a beard?

Having a full, thick beard is the goal of many men, so if you’re one of them, there are certain strategies you can use to optimize growth. As mentioned briefly from above, diet and nutrition can play an important role in growing a full, healthy beard. Protein helps to make cells and aids in facial hair health, so make sure to include sources of protein such as nuts or fish into your diet. In addition, try including foods that contain vitamins and minerals like B-vitamins, Vitamin C and zinc, as these are essential for follicle health.

Exercise is a key factor in optimizing general health and should initially be implemented before implementing any home therapies. Exercise helps to reduce stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle, both of which are necessary to promote facial hair growth. Additionally, be sure to get enough sleep, as this also has an effect on body health and hormones.

Can you use garlic to improve beard growth?

Whilst there have been some promising studies on garlic, it’s still too early to draw any definitive conclusions. Currently, there is no scientific evidence to show garlic can directly improve facial hair growth. Therefore, the best thing to do is maintain a good lifestyle, eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly, to help improve facial hair health.

However, one way to determine if garlic can benefit you and your beard growth is to try it. Many have noted promising results when trying garlic, so if you’re keen to try, begin with a small dose and use regularly. Remember that any natural supplement takes time to work and observe how your body responds.

Side effects of using garlic for hair growth?

As with any supplement or home remedy, there are associated risks which must be taken into consideration. If taking garlic orally, nausea, stomach pain, and diarrhea are some side effects to be aware of. Additionally, some studies suggest that garlic can also affect platelet function and clotting and can potentially interfere with medical treatments, so be sure to speak to a healthcare professional prior to beginning any home remedies.

Garlic also may not be a great choice if you’re attempting to improve facial hair growth due to conditions such as androgenic alopecia. If you’re unsure whether or not garlic is a suitable option for you, it’s best to seek professional advice.


Garlic is often thought of as a superfood due to its culinary, medicinal, and health benefits, but does this powerful herb have the power to make your facial hair grow? Currently, there is more anecdotal evidence than scientific proof that garlic can promote facial hair growth.

Though garlic is known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties as well as contain vitamins and minerals such as B-vitamins, selenium and zinc which all promote healthy-looking hair, all of these factors should be taken into consideration when deciding to take garlic for facial hair growth.

Most importantly, genetics, lifestyle factors such as exercise, nutrition, and stress can all influence facial hair growth, so these should be addressed prior to considering a home remedy. If you’re considering taking garlic as a means of improving facial hair growth, it would be best to speak to a health professional and begin by taking a small dose.

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