Does Exercise Promote Beard Growth

Beards have long been a symbol of manliness and vigor, and many men across the world strive to attain a full and luxurious beard. But the secret behind achieving a beard worthy of envy is still unknown. Most men assume that growing a beard is related to genetics and hormones, and on the other hand, some assume it’s related to your hygiene. Indeed, one possible factor could be found in the latter, since simple hygiene habits does help to some extent to aid beard growth. But is there something else that could be the decisive factor in growing a full beard? New research suggests that exercise does have a spectacular impact on beard growth.

Indeed, it has been proven that exercise can help to increase testosterone levels. Some of the studies exploring this connection have revealed that the hormones which determine beard growth can be heightened while restorative activities such as exercise and stretching are active. In other words, an exercise-induced increase in testosterone and other hormones could help to stimulate beard growth or accelerate its development.

Professionals within the field tend to consider exercise as a helpful factor towards general hair growth. One of the latest studies conducted by Harvard Medical School concluded that physical activities could, indeed, help contribute to thicker and stronger facial hair. However, they specified that any type of exercises provides the same end result.

Dr. Kyle Brown, a hair specialist from Denver, shares his insights on the topic in an interview with us. He claims that exercise, in fact, does promote beard growth since it affects hormone levels and encourages proper circulation in the body. He explains that regular exercise influences testosterone, which affects the level of androgens, and these have been known to have a direct impact on facial and body hair. Likewise, better circulation will help nutrients reach the cells in the body more efficiently and enable them to reach the facial hair follicles with ease.

Moreover, it has also been found that exercise increases your energy levels and helps you to manage stress better. And this, in return, can lead to improved blood flow to the skin, promoting healthy hair growth. Dr. Brown also points out that exercise not only affects the growth of facial hair, but it has also been known to help produce consistent and strong beard quality.

Impact of Exercise on Mental Strength

It is known that exercise contributes to our overall physical well-being, but it also has an impact on our mental strength. Researcher and life coach Simon Petrosky have conducted several studies exploring the benefits of exercise on mental strength, and his findings have shown that exercising also helps to regulate mood, reduce anxiety and depression, and enhance self-image. The strong link between exercise and improved mental health is directly associated with increased testosterone. It has been proven that testosterone indeed helps to reduce stress, resulting in lower cortisol levels. Furthermore, when cortisol levels are lowered, testosterone can have a greater impact on the body.

The positive impact of exercise has also been studied in connection with bodybuilders, who need to maintain a certain amount of body fat and muscle mass to reach certain fitness goals. It has been found that exercise can stimulate healthy energy consumption and weight gain in a safe way, while increasing testosterone levels at the same time. This combination of exercise and enhanced testosterone can help to stimulate testosterone-dependent hair growth.

Therefore, it is evident that there is a strong connection between physical activity, testosterone and beard growth, and it is essential for men who need to improve their beard growth to add more physical activity to their daily routine.

Tailoring Exercise for Beard Health

Exercising regularly is an important factor when it comes to improving beard growth. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to exercise regimes. Therefore, men must tailor their routine to their physical capacity and needs if they want to see an improvement in their facial hair. It is recommended to start with basic exercises such as yoga and jogging, as well as strength training, to both improve testosterone levels and avoid any possible over-exertion. Additionally, it is also important to maintain a good diet and have enough rest to let the cells regenerate.

Moreover, there are many extended techniques which are used for the purpose of beard growth. Some of the examples include facial massage and scalp massage, which helps to promote blood circulation to the face and scalp, resulting in better beard nourishment and growth. In fact, there is a variety of vitamins, minerals and natural therapies that can also be used for beard health. For instance, vitamins B, C and E are known to be beneficial for healthier facial hair.

Nutrients to Improve Beard Health

The body needs certain nutrients to be able to produce healthy facial hair. Therefore, men can begin to eat better and supplement their diets with vitamins and minerals designed to stimulate the production of healthy facial hair. Some of the examples of such food include fish, nuts and seeds, as well as dark, leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables. These foods contain high amounts of vitamin A, which is essential for healthier and stronger hair.

Furthermore, it is important to consume vitamins and minerals that are known to be beneficial for overall health as well as hair health, such as B vitamins, zinc and biotin. Moreover, supplementing the diet with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins D and E, as well as folic acid, is essential for the cells which support healthy facial hair growth. Lastly, it is essential to focus on antioxidants, which help to reduce oxidative damage and stimulate healthier hair.

Drinking and Smokinh Habits

It is important to keep in mind that there are other factors that can influence beard growth. These factors include drinking and smoking habits. It has been found that high alcohol consumption and smoking can both be damaging to facial hair health and growth. Therefore, it is essential to avoid indulging too much in these habits for a healthier, thicker and fuller facial hair.

On the other hand, consuming warm green tea has been found to be helpful for beard growth. Green tea does not only have a significant amount of natural antioxidants, but it also helps to stimulate blood circulation, which results in better hair nourishment.


It is evident that exercise can be a fundamental factor to promote facial hair growth. Both mental and physical benefits can be seen if you start exercising. It is important to tailor a routine according to your physical abilities and needs. In addition, a healthy diet must be followed in order to promote healthy facial hair growth. It is also essential to avoid bad habits such as drinking and smoking, while drinking green tea can be beneficial.

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