Does Drake Dye His Beard

Overview of Drake’s Beard

Drake, the popular Canadian musician and actor, is widely popular for his music, fashion sense and trademark facial hairstyle. Drake has had his beard for many years and it has become a defining feature of his image. Fans have taken notice of the musician’s facial hair and long speculated whether or not Drake’s beard is his natural colour. Various rumours exist, with different sources providing their own opinions on the matter.

Background Information

Many people have long assumed Drake’s golden brown facial hair is natural, due to the lack of evidence pointing towards any sort of dyeing or colouring. Fashion expert, Thomas Peterson, commented on the matter saying “I don’t think Drake has ever had to colour his beard, as it has always been such a stunning colour naturally”. However, more recently, images have emerged, capturing what appears to be Drake dyeing his beard.

Evidence for Beard Dyeing

Film crew from Drake’s music video, “5AM in Toronto” posted an image to their Instagram page which has been widely shared with caption “A little beard dye never hurt nobody”. This is widely speculated to be referencing Drake’s signature facial hair. Furthermore, as Drake’s beard appears to have shifted from a more golden brown to an even darker, more defined colour, many now believe the bearded artist may have some help in achieving the hue.

Analysis of Colour Change

Hairstylist, Rachel Hall, has provided some insight into the matter. She believes the difference in colour that many are seeing is due to Drake’s continual shaping and maintenance of his beard. Rachel observes that the frequency of visits to the barber, combined with the right product choice and proper technique could achieve a shadowy asymmetrical look. This leads to many believing that the change in colour they are seeing may not be as drastic as originally thought.

Drake’s Response

When asked about his facial hair maintenance routine, Drake typically responds with a chuckle. He has yet to give a clear answer as to whether or not he dyes his beard. However, despite Drake’s suspicions, the answer to this question has been heavily discussed among fans and critics alike.

Everyone Has an Opinion

With no definitive answer, many are left wondering whether or not Drake is living up to the expectations of his fans by sticking true to his natural colour or if he has chosen to supplement with some beard dye to give his facial hair an added edge. There is wide agreement that, regardless of his answer, Drake will continue to look sharp and make his style choices with confidence.

Risks Involved in Beard Dyeing

Many experts do not recommend the use of dyes on facial hair. There is the potential risk of skin irritation or the spread of bacteria due to the porous surface of the beard. Hair dye carries the possibility of allergy, so it is important for one to be properly informed about the products that they are using.

Advice from the Experts

Hairstylist, Rachel Hall, encourages those who are thinking of using dyes on their beards to first consult a professional. For those considering using a DIY dyeing method, it is important to consider the nature of the product and conduct an allergy patch test prior to any dyeing. Furthermore, customers should remember to always read and follow product instructions to avoid any potential damage to the beard or skin.

Recent Trends in Facial Hair

Beards have been an ever-growing trend in men’s fashion over the past few years, with Drake’s look being a particular favourite among the public. From goatees to lusciously filled-out bushy beards, the facial hair possibilities are endless. Many of these looks require upkeep and beard colouring is a common way of doing this.

Beard Dyeing Products

Today, there are a myriad of beard dyeing products to choose from. Most major cosmetics and haircare brands are now selling an array of chemical hair dyes designed to be used specifically on facial hair. When making a purchase, it’s important to read what is included in the product and the instructions for application.

How to Achieve the Drake Look

For those looking to emulate Drake’s signature look, it can be achieved with some guidance and effort. To achieve the same beard colour, it is important to focus on maintenance. Regular visits to a professional barber can keep the beard in shape and colour while using the right product and a proper technique can keep the colour lasting longer between maintenance appointments.

Difference Between Men and Women’s Products

When dyeing your beard, it is important to remember that men and women use different products. Women’s beauty products are not designed for use on facial hair, as the ingredients are very different. For men, dark colours for the beard may produce an effect that is not desired, so it is important to use products specifically designed for facial hair.

Maintaining the Beard

To maintain the beard colour, it is important to consult a professional barber. A barber will be able to advise on what sort of colour, product and application is best for the individual. Furthermore, regular visits are needed to keep the look fresh and to help identify any problems early on. It is important to remember that different people’s hair needs different care, so it is essential to consult a professional before taking on any new colouring routine.

Colouring Tips

When colouring the beard it is important to consider the overall look you are going for. For a fuller look, it might be necessary to mix two colours together or to use a slightly lighter shade. Furthermore, streaks and highlights may help define the look of the beard. The use of colours around the hairline may also help create the illusion of a more natural-looking beard.


Given all the speculation and evidence, it remains to be seen whether or not Drake dyes his beard. However, whatever the answer may be, it is clear that the bearded artist has mastered the art of facial hair maintenance. For those looking to achieve a similar look, there are a variety of procedures and products available. With some guidance from expert barbers, getting the desired beard look can be easy.

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