Does Deodorant Help Your Beard Grow

Does Deodorant Help Your Beard Grow?

With the popularity of beards now, there are many questions being asked about the potential benefits of using different products for grooming. One of the most interesting questions being asked is; does using deodorant help your beard grow?
The concept of using deodorant to help with beard growth dates back to the 1440s. During this time, Europeans used a mixture of alum and herbs to enhance the amount of facial hair they had, leading to the saying; ‘A well-groomed man never skips his deodorant.’
Experts believe the use of deodorant is beneficial for the growth of facial hair. By applying deodorant to the hair follicles, it is believed to open up the pores and allow more nutrients to reach the roots of each facial hair. These essential nutrients aid in the growth of facial hair, including beards. Additionally, deodorant has antiseptic properties which help to reduce bacteria and dirt buildup prohibiting beard growth.
Although many people are finding successful results with using deodorant, experts have cautioned against using the product too frequently. By over-washing and using deodorant too often, it can strip away the natural oils on the skin, preventing the beard from growing properly.

Finding the Right Deodorant

When looking for a deodorant for facial hair growth, opt for an unscented version with natural ingredients. Natural ingredients will help nourish the skin and prevent any buildup of dirt or bacteria.
Additionally, it is also suggested to use an all-natural deodorant. While it can cost a bit more, this will help ensure that the deodorant has minimal amounts of chemicals and parabens, which can be harsh on the skin and cause dryness or irritation.
It is also important to take other factors into consideration. Some creams and ointments that are used as alternatives to deodorant or as an after-care regimen can contain harmful ingredients. For example, steroids or other hormone medications are often used in cream concoctions, and are not advised for beard grooming.

Recommended Routine

Experts suggest that when using deodorant for facial hair growth it is important to not use it more than once a week. Use the deodorant at least once a week; any more can easily prevent the skin from producing any more facial hair.
When using deodorant for facial hair growth, be sure to lather the deodorant carefully into the skin and gently massage it in. This method ensures that the deodorant penetrates the hair follicles without over-washing the skin.
Also, it is important to use a moisturiser that contains natural ingredients that are specifically designed for beards. These products will help to keep the skin hydrated and the beard looking healthy throughout the week. Finally, don’t forget to brush your beard every day to help keep it free of tangles and debris.

Alternatives to Using Deodorant

For those that are not interested in using deodorant for facial hair growth, there are several alternatives that have been proven to help.
Experts suggest that incorporating a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins can drastically help in the growth of facial hair. Eating a balanced diet that is rife with proteins, minerals, and vitamins will help to ensure the skin and hair are adequately nourished.
Additionally, experts say a regular exercise routine can also be beneficial. Exercise stimulates blood flow, which helps to bring more nutrients to the hair follicles, aiding in the growth of facial hair.

Using Herbal Oils

Herbal oils are another popular alternative to help with facial hair growth. Massaging the scalp with the herbal oils helps to stimulate the hair follicles. Additionally, these herbal oils are often full of essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E and Zinc, both essential for healthy hair growth.
Using a blend of essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, and chamomile, helps to improve the health of the hair. These essential oils not only open up the follicles and helps to reduce inflammation, but they also have calming and relaxing effects which can stimulate hair growth over time.

Popular Products for Facial Hair Growth

When shopping for products to help with facial hair, there are certain ingredients to look out for. Vitamin E, coconut oil, and tea tree oil are all popular components that are used in many facial hair products.
Another ingredient to look out for is castor oil. It is known to greatly lubricate the skin of the face and can help to keep it healthier and reduce bacteria, allowing the hair to grow better.
Finally, a product with biotin is great as it helps to promote healthy hair growth. Biotin provides essential nutrients to the hair follicles and supports healthy and fuller facial hair growth.

Shaving Irregularly

Shaving irregularly or too close to the skin can cause damage to the facial hair follicles. This can severely affect facial hair growth and reduce the chances of having a healthy and full beard.
Experts suggest that it is best to have a consistent time that you shave. This routine will allow the skin to adjust and will help ensure that you don’t over shave and cause unnecessary damage to the beard.
Additionally, when shaving, opt for a razor with fewer blades. Razors with more blades tend to pull out facial hair resulting in the follicles becoming weak and preventing healthy growth.

Hair Transplant

If the traditional methods of facial hair growth are not producing the desired results, then a hair transplant may be the best option.
Hair transplants are a common procedure nowadays. In this process, hair follicles from an area of the scalp are taken and implanted in the beard area. Surgery is minimally invasive and involves going under local anesthesia.
These procedures take about 2 hours and offer permanent and natural looking results. After the procedure, it is important to follow the instructions of the doctor in order to get the best possible results.


When trying to grow a healthy beard, deodorant and other products can be an effective tool. However, it is important to keep in mind that too much use and improper use can be damaging to the beard’s health.
Instead, opt for natural ingredients and a balanced diet. Exercise can help with blood flow and follicle stimulation, both essential factors in beard growth.
Overall, taking good care of your skin, hair, and body is essential in allowing the beard to grow healthily and full. With the right routine, it is possible to see great results in facial hair growth with minimal effort.

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