Does Coconut Oil Help In Beard Growth

It is no secret that having a beard or a mustache can boost any man’s self-confidence and make him look more attractive. But it is not just some random fashion statement, having a full and healthy beard takes a lot of effort and maintenance. Many men actually experience problems while they are growing their beard, such as patches of baldness and slow growth. Because of this, more and more men have started using coconut oil to help enhance their facial hair.

Coconut oil is touted as an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral product that is gentle yet effective on our skin and hair. It is believed that coconut oil can help to promote, stimulate, and enhance facial hair growth. Even most experts and health professionals agree that coconut oil can indeed help speed up the growth of facial hair.

However, there are still doubts around the use of coconut oil to promote beard growth. Studies have observed that ingredients like castor oil, olive oil, and fish oil can be beneficial for the health of facial hair. But the research on how coconut oil can help with facial hair growth is still inconclusive. On one hand, there is evidence to suggest that coconut oil helps keep the hair hydrated and healthy, preventing breakage and dry patches. On the other hand, there is also limited evidence to suggest that it can actually promote the growth of facial hair.

One thing that can be said with certainty is that coconut oil can improve the texture, volume, and overall health of facial hair. Coconut oil reduces irritation and itchiness caused by beard growth, thus making it easier and more comfortable in the long run. Its antibacterial properties can also help to keep away any infections or inflammations caused by the growth of facial hair. Coconut oil is also extremely light and absorbs quickly into the follicles and skin layers, giving an extra boost of hydration and strength to the hair.

In the end, the use of coconut oil to improve facial hair growth is up to personal preference and individual body chemistry. Nonetheless, it will bring numerous benefits to the overall health and condition of facial hair, whether it promotes beard growth or not. So for any man looking to boost volume, shine, and strength of their facial hair, coconut oil should definitely be part of the routine.

Ingredients in Coconut Oils

Coconut oils contains valuable ingredients like vitamin E, lauric acid, monolaurin, and medium-chain triglycerides. All of these ingredients are thought to have a significant impact on the quality of the facial hair. Lauric acid and monolaurin, for example, can fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi infections around the follicles. Medium-chain triglycerides, on the other hand, can protect and nourish the hair follicles, providing them with essential nutrient and minerals.

These nourishing ingredients can help to reduce hair loss and promote keratin production, two important factors for healthy facial hair growth. Vitamin E is especially beneficial, as it can help to neutralize free radicals that can harm the hair follicles and cells. Furthermore, vitamin E can help to improve the circulation of blood in the scalp, which is essential for a full and fast-growing beard.

How is Coconut Oil used for Beard Growth

Coconut oil can be used in a variety of ways to help with beard growth. Most experts recommend sectioning the beard for better penetration and absorption of the coconut oil. Start by spreading a small amount of oil into the palm of your hands and rubbing it together until it is well warmed up. Then use your fingers to spread the oil all over the beard, massaging it into the follicles and skin.

The beauty of coconut oil is that it can be left in the beard for a few minutes and then simply washed off with warm water and a mild shampoo. Alternatively, coconut oil can also be added to hair masks, other essential oils, and natural conditioners to further help promote beard growth. For extra nourishment, always remember to moisturize and condition the beard once done with the oil treatment.

Nutritional Benefits of Coconut Oil for Beard Growth

Coconut oil not only provides much-needed nourishment to the hair follicles but also helps to protect them from harmful environmental factors. Its fatty acids can help to replenish moisture and increase elasticity in the hair. Vitamin E, meanwhile, helps to regulate the production of sebum which keeps the skin moisturized and preventing dry patches.

Coconut oil also contains plenty of proteins and minerals like iron, copper, potassium, and magnesium. These proteins and minerals can help to improve collagen production and reduce breakage, two important factors in beard growth. Also, since coconut oil is a natural muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory, it can help to soothe any irritation or itchiness caused by the beard.

The Potential Risks of Coconut Oil for Beard Growth

Coconut oil is a very safe product and it mimics the natural oils produce by the body. But it is still important to take the time and investigate whether there are any risks involved before using it. Some men have reported mild skin reactions to coconut oil, such as clogged pores and itching. These reactions, however, can be alleviated by using a mild shampoo to thoroughly wash the coconut oil out of the beard.

It is also worth mentioning that coconut oil can oxidize over time, which means that it is important to purchase a good quality product and preferably keep it refrigerated. Lastly, it is important to note that coconut oil can trap bacteria and cause further inflammation, so it is important to wash the beard soon after having it, preferably with a specially designed beard shampoo.


Coconut oil is often touted as a miracle product for facial hair care and hair growth. It contains healthy ingredients, minerals, and fatty acids that can help to nourish the follicles and promote maximum beard growth. Coconut oil can reduce irritation, itchiness, and bald patches, as well as adding subtle shine and volume. It is even believed that coconut oil may help to speed up the process of beard growth. Nevertheless, it is important to take the time and investigate whether there are any risks involved before using it.

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