Do You Use Both Beard Oil And Balm Together

It’s no secret that facial hair is all the rage these days. From lumberjack-inspired looks to vintage styles and everything in between, men’s grooming is going through a major modern-day renaissance. To keep their facial hair soft, healthy and looking fantastic, many men are turning to beard oils and balms. But, should you be using both together?

Some men who don’t have a lot of facial hair may find that neither oil nor balm do much for their look. Others might be using one or the other, but may find themselves wondering if using both is the best option.

The answer to that question isn’t as simple as you might think. It depends a lot on the type and condition of your facial hair.

Beard oils are designed to be light, easily absorbed and leave little to no greasiness. Beard oils contain a mix of carrier and essential oils to give the hair a glossy and healthy sheen. They also act as leave-in conditioners, helping to soften your facial hair.

Beard balms on the other hand, are a little heavier than beard oils and contain beeswax and butter. Applying beard balm adds additional moisture, making your beard look fuller and more well-groomed.

If you have a longer and thicker beard, using both beard oil and balm together is an excellent way to keep your facial hair looking shipshape. Beard oil helps to condition the hair and prevent split ends, while beard balms will add volume and hold to the hair.

It’s important to start off by using a small amount of both products, building up to more as you need it. It’s also advisable to change up the ratios of oil and balm in your mix depending on the weather and your styling needs.

However, if you have a fine and short beard, using both oil and balm may make your facial hair look weighed down and greasy which is never a good look.

For finer beards, a light oil such as jojoba or argan oil is ideal, as it will provide moisture without a build-up of product. You should also stick to unscented oils to avoid an overwhelming aroma.

Beard Balms for Curly Hair

Those with curly beards may prefer using beard balms more often than beard oil. This is because curly beards tend to tangle more easily and be more prone to breakage. A beard balm provides increased hold, making it easier to comb through the facial hair and prevent damage.

Even if you already use beard oils and balms together, keep your products stored away from humidity and direct sunlight as heat can cause the ingredients to break down and become less effective.

It’s always a good idea to do a patch test before using any facial hair product, especially when it comes to anything you’re using in combination. If you have sensitive skin, look for products made with natural ingredients and those specifically designed for delicate skin.

Beard Oils for Dry Skin

Beard oils are a great way to combat dry skin and flakiness underneath your beard. Without introducing additional moisture, the skin can become irritated, uncomfortable and look dull and lifeless. The natural oils in beard oils have the ability to nourish the skin and help to reduce dryness and redness.

Beard oils also contain antioxidants which help to protect the skin from environmental elements, leaving your facial hair looking smooth and healthy.

Cleansing Before Applying Product

Before applying any oil or balm, make sure that your beard is properly cleansed. Hot water and a mild beard shampoo will help to remove any dirt, dust and debris before styling. This will ensure that the skin is clean and free of bacteria, allowing the oil and balm to effectively penetrate the hair follicles and nourish the skin.

Once you’ve finished shampooing your beard, gently pat with a towel and use a blow dryer on a low setting to remove any excess moisture.

Styling Your Facial Hair

Once you’ve applied the oil and balm, use a brush or comb to style your beard in whatever way you prefer. You can use a brush to add some extra volume to your beard or make sure your mustache is in place. If you’re looking for a shiny finish, use a boar bristle brush to put the finishing touches to your look.

Using both beard oil and balm can be beneficial for some men, but it might not be best for others. It’s all about trial and error, depending on the condition of your facial hair and the desired outcome. Make sure you experiment with different products, use a small amount and adjust their ratios depending on the weather and your styling needs.

Beard Growth Products

If you’re looking to improve your beard growth, there are a number of products available to help. Hair growth stimulants such as minoxidil and rogaine can help to encourage and promote growth, while biotin and fish oils can help to boost hair health.

You can also look for products containing peptides such as copper peptide, which are directly associated with the natural hair growth process. What’s more, micronutrients such as vitamin A,C,F and D2 have been shown to have a positive effect on hair growth.

Products to Avoid

The most important thing when it comes to looking after your facial hair is to know what ingredients to avoid. Synthetic fragrances and colourants can cause an allergic reaction or irritate your skin, while sulfates and silicones can cause the skin to become dry and flaky.

Alcohols, artificial preservatives and parabens are also dubious ingredients that should be avoided. Check the labels of your facial haircare products, and if you spot any of them, look for a different product that is free from such ingredients.


Beard oil and balm can be a great way to keep your facial hair looking its best. However, it’s important to know which one to use and when. Depending on the type and condition of your facial hair, finer and shorter beards may not need both products at the same time. Additionally, make sure your beard is clean, and you choose products made with natural and nourishing ingredients.

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