Do Veronica Beard Jeans Run True To Size

Do Veronica Beard Jeans Run True To Size?

Veronica Beard jeans are all the rage. With an array of shapes and styles, they offer something for everyone – from relaxed boyfriend and skinny to high-waisted and cropped. These luxury denim jeans undoubtedly come with a hefty price tag, but they also promise excellent quality, durable materials and a slimming fit. But is the sizing true to size?

The short answer is, it depends on what type of jeans you choose. For example, their Boyfriend jeans run larger than their Skinny and Straight fit jeans. This makes sense, as Boyfriend jeans are meant to fit relaxed and looser.

The website clearly warns shoppers that not all styles are true to size and provides an in-depth list for each style including measurements for each size, so it is worth investing the time to double-check the sizing guide. Additionally, helpful reviews from satisfied customers can provide valuable insights that help with this online shopping endeavor.

Plus-size shoppers are usually the most affected by run-of-the-mill size measurements, as they often have to purchase items a size or two up due to the limited size range. However, with Veronica Beard jeans, their entire collection is designed with a complete size range of 0-16, meaning shoppers are not just limited to the higher sizes.

In terms of overall quality and craftsmanship, one thing that seems to be true is that you get what you pay for. Many customers report being extremely pleased with the construction and stitching, with some noting they’ve already worn their jeans continuously for over a year without any signs of fraying, stretching or fading.

In order to make an informed decision when purchasing jeans online, there are a few essential things to consider. For example, the body type and the style have to be taken in consideration more than ever. But with the detailed size chart, helpful customer reviews and a complete size range, Veronica Beard makes online shopping for jeans easier and more reliable.

Popular Styles

Veronica Beard produces a few styles that have become overwhelmingly popular amongst fashion-conscious customers. From their towering High-Waisted Mom jeans, to their perfectly tapered Straight legs and flattering Skinny jeans, there truly is something for everyone.

The high-waisted silhouette is an ultra-flattering choice and is the perfect pair of jeans for tucking in tees and blouses, sandals or sneakers, as it helps to define the shape of the body while also keeping you comfortable. The traditional Straight fit is also a wardrobe staple, offering a subtle and timeless charm that can be jazzed up with a statement belt and some chunky boots.

For those looking for something particularly special, the Boyfriend jeans are the perfect relaxed and oversized fit with a slouchy, distressed silhouette. Sewn with durable stitching and featuring the unique VB logo on the back, the Boyfriend jeans offer a unique twist to your everyday look.

Finally, the Skinny fit is by far the most popular style, offering a clean, sleek silhouette and all the stretch you need to move around with ease. Plus, all Skinny styles come with a slightly higher waistband offering the perfect fit for a classic cool look.

Material Quality

The quality of the fabric is also paramount when it comes to shopping for jeans. With Veronica Beard jeans, shoppers can rest assured knowing they will be wearing top-of-the-line denim made from the finest quality materials.

The classic denim styles from the collection are crafted from a 98.5% cotton blend, ensuring optimal comfort and a form-fitting yet breathable silhouette. The remaining 1.5% of the fabric blend consists of other fibers including elastane for added stretch and movability.

Aside from the classic ones, the collection also features some highly-sought after denim styles made from specialty fabrics. Take their Aldridge jeans, for instance, which are crafted from a lightweight, super soft and breathable twill fabric. Or their Macallan and Dillon jeans, which feature a slightly heavier cotton twill fabric.

Design Options

The Veronica Beard collection offers a broad range of designs, so everyone is sure to find the perfect style that best suits their individual taste and preference. The denim styles range from traditional blues and blacks to distressed, coated and vintage-inspired washes. Additionally, shoppers can also opt for unique embroidered and bejeweled-embellished accents that help to elevate the look.

As many of their denim styles are available for both regular and petite in-seams, shoppers of all sizes and shapes will be able to find the perfect fit. Plus, all jeans come with a unique design detail, like a subtle rip in the knee, sequins on the pockets, or a unique embroidery detail on the back.

Price Point

Veronica Beard jeans come with a hefty price tag, but they are made with highest quality materials and craftsmanship, so they will last for seasons to come. Plus, the collection features a variety of styles, so shoppers can find something to suit their price point.

Generally speaking, styles range from $150 to $400 per pair. However, shoppers can also choose to purchase the slightly cheaper petite version of their favorite styles, which range from $135 to $325.

Pros and Cons

In general, Veronica Beard jeans are well worth the investment. With a great variety of styles, sizes and materials, shoppers can find the perfect pair of premium quality jeans that suits their fit, design preference, and budget.

On the downside, not all styles fit true to size, and shoppers must be aware that even with the detailed size chart and helpful reviews, the fit can vary from style to style. Nevertheless, with the vast selection, shoppers are sure to find the perfect fit with a style that resonates with them.

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