Do Not Shave The Corners Of Your Beard

If you’re like most men, you might be tempted to shave the corners of your beard. It’s natural to want to create perfect symmetrical lines and a perfectly groomed look. But the truth is, shaving off the corners of your beard can be a mistake that leads to a dishevelled appearance, not to mention potential irritation and irritation to the skin. If you want to maintain a groomed yet natural look, it’s best to keep the corners of your facial hair in its natural form.

Growing facial hair can take time, patience and careful upkeep. To help you remain on a path that leads to a polished, wholesome look, there are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind. To help guide you along your journey, here are some tips on why you should not shave the corners of your beard.

Beard Maintenance

First and foremost, shaving off the corners of your beard can cause it to look unkempt, accounting for an overall dishevelled appearance. We recommend avoiding trimming or shaping the corners too heavily, as this can give an unstructured, careless look. It can also lead to flyaway hairs and an uneven look that doesn’t appear professionally groomed or maintained. A sharp haircut is great, but the same doesn’t go for facial hair styles.

Possible Irritation

When it comes to your skin health, shaving the corners can lead to more than just ogling eyes. It also has the potential to irritate the skin. By carefully removing a small amount of hairs in the corners, only strands of uneven hairs poke out, leading to a scratchy, uncomfortable feeling that doesn’t look appealing in any way. Over time, this leads to the potential of razor bumps and itchy skin. In short, shaving the corners can be detrimental to your skin.

The Natural Look

As men, we tend to veer towards a more natural look as far as our facial hair goes. It’s simply more attractive and distinguished, which is something we all seek — even without knowing it. When it comes to facial hair, it’s best to keep it as natural as possible, or you’ll risk looking too sculpted and precise. This can give off a weird vibe to onlookers, making you appear as if you’re trying a bit too hard to make a statement.

Properly Trimming the Edges

Instead of going for an Instagram-influencer look, make sure you properly trim the edges of your beard, as this helps define the shape and it gives a much more appealing endresult. All you need are the right tools, such as clippers and trimmers, a steady hand, and a bit of time. When your facial hair starts reaching its maximum length and begins to veer away from your face, it’s time to tidy up the edges and trim a little here and there.

Tools of the Trade

Now that you know what not to do, let’s talk about the tools you will need to use if you are serious about facial hair grooming. Once you’ve done the initial work of shaping and trimming the outline of your beard, you’ll need a few tools to help you maintain it. The two most useful items for beard grooming are scissors and a comb. Scissors are great for shaping and trimming the edges if needed, while combs help to keep the beard in shape and smooth it down.

Gentle Care

Beard maintenance doesn’t end there. In order to preserve the natural look of your beard, you should also be sure to properly clean and moisturise it. Invest in good quality beard shampoo and conditioner to make sure you don’t cause any irritation or damage. We also suggest you rub a small amount of beard oil into the skin for extra care. This helps keep the facial hair softer and easier to maintain.

Be on the Right Side of History

Taking the proper steps to preserve your beard can help you make a great impression. Whether you choose to rock a shorter look or longer nowadays, know that it’s ultimately up to your personal style preferences. Quality grooming and proper care will help you maintain the proper look and draw positive attention to your appearance.

Properly Grooming the Face

In combination with a well-groomed beard, it also pays off to work on the other facial hair, since a balanced look will always be attractive. That said, try to avoid discolored hairs and make sure to maintain the trim, wax and keep the eyebrows in check. All of this will help you carefully craft your desired look, while achieving balance and symmetry, with the help of proper grooming of the different hair follicles.

Keep it Natural and Grow What You’ve Got

No matter what style you choose, make sure to go for a natural look and to not shape or style it heavily. Face shape and hair texture are key factors here. A heavier beard in certain parts of your face might not work as well as it does for others, so pay attention to how you shape it. Try experimenting with different styles and pick one that fits you the most. Whatever you do, never shave the corners.

Invest in Quality Products and Tools

In order to properly groom your beard and achieve the soft, natural look, you’ll need to invest in quality products to ensure your success. The products you use can dictate the overall look and feel of your facial hair, so make sure to research different brands and pick out the ones that are right for you. From clippers to trimmers, scissors and combs, there are plenty of essential tools available to help you get the look you want.

Say No to Products Loaded with Chemicals

If you’re focusing on taking extra care of your skin and you want to get even healthier results, then we suggest you look for natural alternatives. Many facial hair grooming products contain a lot of chemicals, which can be pretty harsh when applied to the skin. Avoiding these products and stocking up on natural ones is the key to achieving a great look without any nasty side-effects or potential skin irritation.

Changing the Game

Facial hair has become more and more popular over the years and men are starting to take better care of their faces. Whether you’re looking for the classic full beard or a more sophisticated, clean cut look, you can always find a style that fits your tastes. With the right amount of knowledge, your beard grooming and facial care will no longer be a secret and you can start making waves.

Theresa Norton is an award-winning author and blog writer who specializes in the art and science of manly beards. Her articles cover topics such as styling, shaping, maintaining, and even growing beards. With her extensive knowledge on facial hair, Theresa has helped countless guys to look their best and feel confident in their daily lives. She loves researching the history of beards, exploring new trends, sharing insightful tips, and writing about her own experiences.

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