Do Beard Growth Supplements Actually Work

Do beard growth supplements really work? It makes sense that taking vitamins and minerals thought to be biotin and zinc could support healthy hair growth in the face, but however, the verdict still remains largely unclear. Although men may be tempted to try them simply to boost hair in the areas they want it to be seen, they need to understand what ingredients to look out for and what claims to take seriously.

The idea of beard growth supplements has been around for years. The purpose of taking them is to intensify the rate of beard growth, make facial hair thicker and reduce the amount of shedding you have to experience. It has become a very popular form of supplement since facial hairs have become “the desired look.”

The reality is, there is a huge difference between what people wish to see when they ask if beard growth supplements work and what they actually provide. Supplements of any kind can only be beneficial if the body is actually lacking them in the first place.

So yes, a vitamin or mineral deficiency could cause thinner, weaker beards. However, it is more logical and beneficial for men to get their daily dose of particular vitamins and minerals from the food they eat rather than seeking out individual supplements for their beard.

Biotin, for example, helps to convert proteins, fats, and carbs into energy. A lack of biotin may lead to a weakened and unhealthy beard, despite the fact that it is not definitively linked to beard growth. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are both antioxidants that help to protect the skin and follicles against the effects of aging and hair loss.

Zinc is also a very important mineral that some people choose to take as a supplement. Zinc helps to speed up the repair of skin that suffers damage over time. Although it is argued to have an impact on the development of a thicker, healthier beard, it is recommended to get zinc from proteins, nuts, and dairy.

Regardless of whether scientific data has proven or not, the reviews of consumers seem to be really positive. Usually this means that supplement works for some, but not for others. However, the bottom line is that you should always consult with a doctor before taking any kind of supplement.

Natural Ways to Promote Beard Growth

If you are already following a healthy nutrition plan, you may already be getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs. There are also a number of other natural ways you can use to promote beard growth, such as stress-relief and lifestyle changes.

When it comes to stress, this is usually associated with hair loss, but it is not just experienced in the scalp. Stress hormones affect the production of testosterone, which is a big contributor to beard growth, so you can’t expect to have an impressive beard if you are constantly overworked. Therefore, managing stress is key to hair health and, ultimately, beard growth.

Additionally, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep are both essential for healthy hair growth. Keeping hydrated helps to keep your hair growing faster and stronger, whilst getting the correct amount of sleep allows the body to repair from the day before. Both of these will, therefore, assist in having a strong, healthy beard.

Exercise is also a great way to promote healthy facial hair. Taking part in at least half an hour of exercise per day can boost testosterone, improve circulation, and increase testosterone hormones as well. This will, in turn, prevent premature ageing, aid in the regeneration of muscles, and leave your facial hair looking bold.

Choosing the Right Shampoo

Maintaining your beard is just as important when trying to grow hair. Many men will either wash the beard with their body wash, or just not bother to wash it at all, leaving it dry and unmanageable. To achieve a nice and healthy look you should be making sure you use the right shampoo and conditioning product.

When selecting a product, it’s best to use a formulated shampoo for beards. Not all shampoos are made with the same ingredients, so avoid any that contain oils, such as coconut oil, as this will weigh your beard down. Go for a shampoo that is specifically made for beards, as that will target the hair follicles and make sure that your beard keeps its full appearance for longer.

When it comes to using the shampoo, you should make sure you massage your beard cleaner into the beard rather than just scrubbing it in a circular motion. This will help to remove any dirt and dead skin cells lurking in the follicles. You should then follow this up with conditioner, as this will help to keep the facial hair soft and stop it from becoming brittle.

Beards at Different Ages

The rate of facial hair growth is dependent on the genes a man inherits. It can take two to four months for a beard to reach full growth, but it does tend to happen more quickly as men get older and as their hormones shift. This can cause a young person to feel discouraged with the length of their beard versus someone who is older, but it doesn’t mean that the older person has a better growing beard.

Regardless of age or genetic make up, everyone’s beard will differ in a number of ways which are based on the life they lead. This includes their overall health, the quality of their diet, the amount of exercise they do, and their overall mental health. All these factors can playa role in how the beard looks and grows overall.


Although styling the beard might help to make it look fuller, it is something that should only be used afterwards when the beard is already grown. It is important to properly groom a beard to make sure it looks as full and neat as possible.

Beard oil is also a great way to keep a beard looking its best. The best products to choose will be those that contain natural oils, such as jojoba oil, tea tree oil, or coconut oil, as these are beneficial for skin and hair health. The oil will help to soften the beard, keep it looking glossy and smooth, and reduce any itchiness.

You should also make sure you shape the beard with a scissors, trimmer, or a shaver, as this will ensure that you look neat and smart. You should also consider using beard products such as balms and waxes to help you to keep a steady look, as this will make your effort more worth while.

Trimming Regularly

Regular trimming should also be part of your beard care routine. This doesn’t mean that you have to take a lot off from the sides, it just means that you should be grooming and trimming the parts of the beard that start to look extra long and unmanageable. To save time, you should start off with a shorter setting, and then move up the guard to make sure that the overall shape looks neat and even.

Trimming is also important for preventing split ends, which are caused by having too much dead or broken hair on your beard. Split ends can stunt beard growth as they will prevent healthy hair from growing in the follicles, which means you won’t get the thickness you desire.

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