Do Beard Boosters Work

Do Beard Boosters Really Work? Are they worth the investment to grow your beard faster and thicker? This is something many men want to know, as there are numerous beard boosters on the market, some of which seem to make incredible promises.

So what are beard boosters, exactly? Basically, they are products that are designed to help increase both the speed at which facial hair grows, as well as how thick and full it can get. Many products may contain natural herbs, vitamins and minerals that are thought to aid with healthy hair growth.

The beard booster industry is currently booming and growing due to increased grooming awareness and the popularity of beards in the media. A number of well-respected beard growth products as well as best-selling natural beard enhancers have been favoured amongst men who are looking to grow a robust beard.

However, others remain sceptical about such products, citing the lack of scientific evidence to back the claims of these manufacturers. A recent study published by the European Hair Research Society reported that the effects of natural beard enhancer products were limited, as they cannot affect the genetic component of beard growth, or the speed at which hair follicles grow.

Despite this, there are still many claims of success stories, with some men claiming to have experienced improved growth and thickness after using beard boosters. While this positive feedback may not be directly related to the product, it could be down to the high levels of confidence users experience after using these products and the good feeling that comes with taking a proactive approach to improving their appearance.

This brings us to the question, do beard boosters actually work? The answer is not a simple one, as it appears that the effectiveness of beard boosters varies from user to user and also depends on the existing hair growth patterns of the individual. Therefore, it is difficult to draw general conclusions about their efficacy.

It is not just the product that will affect the outcome either. It is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle such as eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and taking supplements to ensure the best hair growth results.

Grooming and Maintenance

On top of using products, if you are looking to grow a fuller and thicker beard, then regular grooming and maintenance is essential. This includes regularly trimming and shaping your beard, and using beard oils and balms to keep it moisturised and healthy. In addition, it is important to use a comb or boar bristle brush to help soften and lay down the hairs and work out any tangles.

Regular trimming and shaping is also important, as longer hairs tend to tangle and cause breakages. Furthermore, it is best to use a sharp pair of grooming scissors that are specifically designed for beards, as regular hair scissors can cause split ends. If you are serious about growing the best and fullest beard possible, you will want to invest in a good pair of scissors.

Finally, while it may seem counter-intuitive to use razor blades or clippers to trim your beard, using an electric trimmer can provide an easier and more precise cut. Electric trimmers come in all sorts of lengths and shapes and can be adjusted to create the exact look you are after. However, be sure to be gentle and use light, even strokes when trimming your beard, as going too deep can cause damage and breakage.

Supplements and Natural Products

Another route that many men are taking for the purpose of getting thicker, faster growing beards is to consume natural and synthetic supplements that are designed to support the health of the hair and skin. These products may contain Vitamin E, B-complex vitamins, and other natural ingredients like herbs, minerals and amino acids that are thought to improve the health of facial hair follicles.

It is important to note, however, that these supplements are not necessarily a magical cure-all for beard problems; they may supplement existing nutrients and provide the body with additional nutrients that can help in the growth of a thicker beard. For example, taking a multivitamin or supplement that contains Vitamin E can help improve collagen production, which is important for thicker and healthier facial hair.

Also, some herbal remedies and essential oils have been purported to help promote thicker, longer and faster growing beards. For example, rosemary oil and nettle root extract may potentially stimulate hair growth by activating the scalp and stimulating circulation. However, it should also be noted that these natural remedies may not work for everyone as everyone’s bodies may respond differently.

Lifestyle Changes

Finally, it should also be noted that diet, stress, sleep and exercise all play an important role in the health of your facial hair. Having an unhealthy and unbalanced diet, for instance, may result in slower growth and weaker strands due to nutrient deficiencies.

Likewise, leading a sedentary lifestyle can also be detrimental to facial hair growth; not only does exercise provide the body with the energy it needs to grow facial hair, but it also helps improve circulation, which is important for the growth of healthy hair.

At the same time, stress may lead to weaker strands, as it affects the hormone levels in the body. As well, it is important to get enough sleep to maintain healthy growth as sleep deprivation can have a negative effect on hair health.


In summary, the use of beard boosters can potentially promote thicker and faster growing facial hair, but their effectiveness will vary from person to person depending on existing patterns of growth. Along with using beard boosters, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, groom and maintain the hair, and take natural supplements that may help promote facial hair growth.

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