Did Justin Turner Shave His Beard

What is Justin Turner’s background?

Justin Turner is a professional Major League Baseball player who has been a third baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers since 2014.Before this, he had short stints with the New York Mets, Baltimore Orioles and Cincinnati Reds. Turner was known for sporting an impressive, Los Angeles-style bushy beard.He discussed the prominence of his beard in an interview for ESPN, “It’s taken on a life of its own. I’ve had plenty of people recognize me without my beard and without a jersey. People come up and say, ‘Hey, you’re the guy with the red beard!’ It’s been pretty cool.”

What are the trends of beard-styling?

In recent times, there has been a surge in hipster facial hair.Many young people have started to test out the theatrical designs, ranging from the wild ‘yeard’ to interesting blend of the French Fork and Van Dyke, to the latest ‘Hipster Goatee’. Social media, channels such as YouTube and the culture of ‘trend-chasing’, emerging styles of beards, long, short and everything in between, are increasingly endearing to the general population and to the business community.

Did Turner shave his beard?

In late 2020, the internet was abuzz with reports that Justin Turner had shaved his trademark beard. Some people even speculated that he was doing it in order to transform his image, while some said that he wanted to look younger. However, Turner took to Twitter to address all these comments; “This beard was clogging up more virus than my respirator! Had to take care of it”. Thus, Justin Turner shaved his beard for a much more practical purpose – that of protecting himself from the Covid-19 virus.

Turner talks about his clean-shaven self

Justin spoke about his clean-shaven look in an interview with Los Angeles Times, “I still have a beard but just trying a different look … It’s thin. Don’t really have much of a choice … It’s different, but I wear it on my sleeve. I’m pretty unique in this clubhouse. My beard was pretty big and now it’s stupid tiny.” He also mentioned being happy to see himself in a different light and found the change quite refreshing.

Views from the Experts

Experts in the field of facial hair styling shared their views on the subject. According to Dr. William Cunvers, an aesthetic dermatologist, “This is an area that has seen a lot of growth in the past few years, with many men wanting to look their best in the office and out in public. Beards can be styled in different ways and there are a lot of products and accessories available to keep them in good shape.” Similarly, celebrity stylist Tyanne Leomar said, “Men are always experimenting with different styles of facial hair, and Justin Turner’s look is no exception. He has gone for a much cleaner look which makes him look younger and fresher.”

What is the opinion of the baseball community?

Turner’s unique look has earned him a lot of admiration from the baseball community. “ When he doesn’t shave, he looks like the perfect man. When he shaves, it almost seems like he is too cool for his own good. Turner has been able to embrace his style, and it has definitely become a part of his game”, said a fan.

What are the grooming tips from Justin Turner?

In an interview, Turner shared his personal grooming tips. He said, “I don’t have time for a full-on shaving routine every day, so a good beard-grooming kit is key. I like to use an electric trimmer to trim down my beard. This helps to create a neat and even shape. I then apply some beard oil to keep it conditioned and I’m done.”

How can you prevent skin irritation due to facial hair?

Experts suggest that shaving regularly is the best way to prevent skin irritation and in-grown hairs. Fragile facial skin needs to be kept hydrated in order to maintain its elasticity. The use of a good moisturizer and a protective sunscreen can help guard the skin against potential breakouts. Applying a post-shave balm after shaving can often be beneficial for those with dry, sensitive skin.

What are the benefits of facial hair?

One of the most common benefits of facial hair is that it can add to a person’s style. Sporting a well-groomed beard or mustache can create a dashing and distinguished look. In addition, facial hair can provide protection from the sun by reducing skin exposure and radiation damage to some degree. Facial hair can also help to trap the skin’s moisture and can provide a natural and pleasant aroma.

What protective gear should be used to prevent skin infection?

In order to prevent skin infection, one should use a sharp safety razor when shaving. It is important to use lubricating shaving cream or gel to help soften the beard hair. Also, an aftershave lotion or balm should be applied after shaving in order to choose the skin’s pH balance and minimize any skin irritation. In addition, it is important to replace the razor blade after every 4-5 shaves for maximum performance and hygiene.

What are the popular trends in the beards?

In the past few years, the popularity of beards has grown immensely. Popular styles include the ‘scruffy’ and ‘rugged’ look, the neatly trimmed ‘corporate beard’, and the adventurous ‘freestyle beard’. Celebrity styles such as the ‘George Michael Squares’, the ‘Cruise Whiskers’ and the ‘Neckbeard’ are all popular looks that are being sported by many stylish men.

What new trends in beard styling have popped up?

The latest trends in beard styling focus on blending traditional styles with modern techniques. The ‘Circle Beard’ combines a goatee with a mustache ager a few days growth, when a ‘Goldbeard’ is created by dying the edges of a beard gold. The ‘Urban Outlaw’ style utilizes longer sideburns and a mustache, while the ‘Hipster Goatee’ is a more contemporary look that mixes a pencil mustache with a fade.

What products can be used to maintain a beard?

In order to keep a beard looking neat and tidy, experts suggest using extra light pomades, balms and wax. If you want to avoid product build-up then it is important to wash your beard with a mild shampoo at least once a week. Additionally, it is important to trim the beard regularly and to use a conditioner to keep it healthy and soft. Using a shaving brush to create a uniform shape and distribute product can also be useful.

Are there any risks that come with sporting a beard?

One of the main risks that can come with sporting a beard is that of skin irritation. If not properly cared for and groomed, a beard can become coarse and unruly, leading to itching, dryness, and skin rashes. Additionally, a neglected beard can house a host of germs and bacteria that can lead to the spread of illness. This can be avoided through regular cleaning and caring for the beard with the right products.

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