Can You Wax A Man’s Beard

Why Wax A Man’s Beard

Waxing is often used to get rid of split ends or reduce frizz, but many men are now using wax to style their beard. Waxing can help keep facial hair in place, helping to shape and neaten the beard. It’s a simple process that can add style, depth and texture to a man’s look. It can also help create a cleaner, neater look, which is perfect for a professional setting.
When used correctly, beard wax can add shape and structure to a man’s facial hair that wouldn’t be possible without it. It can also keep facial hair looking neat and healthy, providing a medium hold without making the beard feel stiff or unnatural. The wax also helps protect the hair from external elements, like wind and water, which can damage and dry out the beard.

Essential Steps and Materials

Before applying wax to a man’s beard, it is important to wash and condition the facial hair. Use a beard wash and conditioner to remove dirt, build-up and oils. After that, towel-dry the facial hair until it’s damp. The next step is to prepare the wax. It is best to use a product made specifically for beards, as this will provide the best hold and long-term protection. Ensure to choose a wax that is suitable for the specific beard style that the man is trying to achieve.


Once the beard is prepped and the wax is ready, take a small amount of wax in the palms of the hands. Start by running the hands over the length of the beard, to spread the wax and help create an even base. Next, use ahaired brush to really work the product into the roots, to ensure an even distribution. The combination of heat from the hands and the brushing will help the product melt and get absorbed.
Once the wax has been sufficiently worked in, it’s time to style. Using the hands, brush the hairs upwards, from the root to the tip, to create a more voluminous look. A comb can also be used to shape the beard and define specific lines. It can be used to shape the mustache and the side of the face as well. Once the desired shape is achieved, use the beard wax to hold it in place.


Waxing the beard does not require a lot of upkeep. Man’s should try to reapply wax every few days to keep their facial hair looking neat, tidy and well groomed. Since the wax also provides a layer of protection from environmental elements, reapplying every few days helps to prolong the life of the beard. Additionally, it’s important to use only a small amount of wax each time, as too much can make the beard look greasy and weighed down.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

One mistake that men make when waxing their beard is not applying it evenly. It is important to ensure that the wax is evenly spread out throughout the beard. Additionally, when combing the beard, ensure to go with the grain of the hair. Going against the grain can lead to knots and breakage. Try to be as gentle and cautious as possible when styling the beard to avoid any damage.

The Benefits of Waxing A Man’s Beard

Using beard wax provides a range of benefits that are important for keeping the beard looking healthy and neat. The wax helps to add hold and structure to loose, unruly facial hair. It also helps create a sleek and polished look that can be dressed up or down. Furthermore, the wax helps to protect the facial hair from environmental elements, such as dry air and windy conditions. This can help keep the beard looking thicker and healthier for longer.

The Disadvantages of Waxing A Man’s Beard

Using wax on the beard is a great way to style and maintain facial hair, however, it can lead to product build-up if used too frequently. Overuse of wax can lead to clogged pores and scalp irritation. Additionally, wax can make the beard feel heavy and greasy, which might also deter some men from using it.

Removing Wax From A Man’s Beard

Removing wax from the beard is relatively easy. Start by using a beard wash to loosen the build-up, followed by a good conditioner to nourish the hair and skin. For extra stubborn wax, a small amount of baby oil can be used, followed by a light shampoo. Ultimately, it is important to ensure that all traces of wax are removed from the beard, to keep it looking healthy, thick and strong.

Different Styles Of Waxing A Man’s Beard

There are several different styles that can be created with beard wax. The most popular is the neater, tidier look, which helps shape and define the facial hair. Additionally, wax can be used to create a messy, disheveled look, as well as a slicked-back look. It is important to adjust the amount of wax and the styling technique, depending on the desired effect.

The Different Types Of Beard Wax

There are various types of beard wax, depending on the hold desired. Traditional wax is made with natural ingredients, like beeswax and essential oils, which provide a medium-hold. For a firm hold, it is better to use a heavier wax that contains ingredients like lanolin and petroleum jelly. For light hold, stick with a wax that uses lighter ingredients, such as shea butter.

Completing The Look

Once the beard wax has been applied to the desired effect, complete the look with a beard oil. This will help to nourish the hair and skin, making the beard feel softer, smoother and healthier. The oil will also help to lock in the wax, helping to keep the beard in place for longer.

Combination Of Products

It is possible to combine different products, such as beard wax and pomades. Use the wax to shape and hold the beard, and then use a pomade to provide a light finish. This combination will provide a semi-matte look and help keep the beard looking neat and groomed.

Alternative Solutions To Wax

If a man is not comfortable with waxing his beard, he can opt for alternative solutions, like a good beard balm or beard oil. Balm is great for providing light to medium hold, while oil works to nourish and soften the beard. Additionally, these two products help keep the beard looking smooth, glossy and healthy.

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