Can You Use Beard Balm On Your Mustache


Beard balm is a popular styling product used to help shape and condition facial hair. While beard balm is a great pick for larger beards, it can also be used to style mustaches. This article will discuss the use of beard balm on mustaches, exploring its benefits, drawbacks, and approach.

Beard Balm Benefits

The primary benefit of using beard balm on mustaches is the moisture and nourishment it offers. Beard balm is usually formulated with shea butter, which is rich in fatty acids, as well as essential oils like jojoba and argan oil, which help to hydrate the hair and make it more manageable. These ingredients help to add vital moisture, which can help to prevent split ends and other styling problems.
The second benefit of using beard balm for mustaches is the styling control it offers. Beard balm often includes beeswax and natural butters, which help give the mustache a thicker, fuller appearance as well as hold throughout the day. This makes it a great choice for those with difficult mustaches who desire added manageability.


The primary drawback of using beard balm for mustaches is the potential for it to be too heavy. Many mustache styling products are oil-based, which is why they work well on mustaches–oils are lightweight and easily absorbed. Beard balm, however, is thicker and may not be absorbed well on finer hair. This can cause it to look tangled, greasy, or weighted down.
Another potential disadvantage of using beard balm on a mustache is that it can make it difficult to achieve more intricate hairstyles. As mentioned, beard balm does provide hold, but it can be hard to use when shaping a handlebar mustache or other detailed designs.

Approaching a Mustache With Beard Balm

When using beard balm on a mustache, it is important to keep the amount minimal. As mentioned, the product is thick and heavy, so a tiny amount should be enough to provide moisture and control. It is best to start with a pea-sized amount and work gradually, adding a tiny bit more as needed.
It is also important to ensure that the beard balm is fully absorbed. Most beard balm products require warming up between the fingers before application. This will help to ensure that it is evenly distributed and properly absorbed.

Alternate Styling Options

For those who find that beard balm doesn’t work well on their mustache, there are numerous other styling options. Wax is a great choice for achieving intricate shapes, as it offers firm hold but can still be shaped and redefined. There are also numerous oil-based grooming products that are specifically formulated for mustache styling.
Finally, many professionals recommend using conditioner on a mustache. Conditioners can help to soften and nourish the hairs, which makes for easier styling and superior manageability.

Maintaining a Mustache

When using beard balm or any other styling product, it is important to maintain regular trimming and cleaning. This will ensure that excess product is not left behind in the hairs, which can create a greasy, weighed-down appearance. Additionally, regular trimming will help to ensure that the mustache remains healthy and in the desired shape.

Products and Techniques

Numerous products are available to help style mustaches with beard balm. They range from all-in-one styling kits to specific tool designed to help shape and sculpt mustaches. It is important to note, however, that beard balm is primarily a styling product and should not be used as a substitute for regular grooming.
When using beard balm for mustaches, it is important to use the right techniques. This includes warming up the balm to help it absorb better, using minimal amounts, and thoroughly grooming afterward. Additionally, regular trimming, cleaning, and deep conditioning will help to ensure that the mustache remains in good health.

Styling Tips

When styling a mustache, it is important to start with clean, dry hair. This will help ensure that the beard balm is evenly distributed and absorbed. Additionally, it is important to work the balm into the hairs in small, circular motions. This will help to coat the hairs and boost hydration and manageability.
It is also important to take the time to style the mustache. This involves combing the hairs in the desired direction and using a pocket-sized comb to shape and stiffen them. If a firmer hold is desired, a beeswax-based product can be used, as it adds strength and volume.

Tools and Accessories

When using beard balm on a mustache, it is important to choose the right tools and accessories. This includes combs, beard brushes, clips, and tweezers to help shape and groom the hairs. These items will help to ensure that the mustache remains in top condition and that the beard balm is fully absorbed. Additionally, they can help to create a cleaner, crisper look.
It is also beneficial to use beard oils, which provide additional hydration and nourishment to the hairs. These oils help to seal in the moisture provided by the beard balm, as well as soften and strengthen the hairs. Additionally, they can help to minimize frizz and add a healthy shine.


In conclusion, beard balm is a great choice for those looking to style their mustaches. Its beeswax, natural butters, and oils provide extra hold, nourishment, and shine. However, it is important to use minimal amounts and ensure that it is properly absorbed into the hairs. Additionally, tools such as combs, brushes, and beard oils should be used to help achieve a well-groomed look. With the right approach, beard balm can help give mustaches a healthy and stylish appearance.

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